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The art of installation requires experience. Audio Evolution knows there are more things to consider when selecting the right tint for your vehicle. We choose to use LLumar in window tint because we believe in its quality, color stability, and durable scratch-resistant coating. Audio Evolution is an experienced LLumar dealer & installer. Bring your car to either of locations in Charleston or North Charleston. We have the know-how to use LLumar window tint to increase your car window’s efficacy. You will have peace-of-mind that you and your vehicle will be taken care of.

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Our professional car window tint helps you in many ways. Constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation in Charleston, SC can eventually ruin your car’s leather upholstery. The right film gives your windows a protective layer that shields your car’s interior from damaging sunlight. It also protects you and your passengers from UV radiation as well. This property also makes your car’s interior less hot and easier to cool.


It can also deter thieves from breaking into your vehicle. Because of their opaque quality, high-quality window tints may stop any thieving passers-by from seeing any valuables that might tempt them to enter your car. You’ll find that the best tints eventually pay for themselves.


Audio Evolution chooses the best window tinting material. LLumar® window tint is made up of multiple layers of high tech components that help reject heat and UV rays.

Tint Helps to Add Privacy

Life is better with LLumar window tint. It helps to add privacy to your vehicle. Please check your local tint laws for required visible light transmission.

Inside Eastman Performance Films

Eastman’s Performance Films business sets the standard in the window film industry. Watch this video for an inside look at how our industry leading window films are made.

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Increasing your car’s protection against ultraviolet radiation and thieving eyes begins by dialing our phone number or contacting us online. Once you have a scheduled appointment, you can drive on down to either of our locations in Charleston or North Charleston where we can install top-notch window film on your vehicle.

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